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Silay City: Do-it-yourself (DIY) walking tour of main ancestral homes

This tour starts at the Cesar Locsin y Lacson’s Ancestral House and ends at the Bernardino-Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House. Both houses are along Rizal St.

Silay DIY Tour MapWalking Tour Map

1st stop: Cesar Locsin y Lacson’s Ancestral House. Located at the corner of Rizal and Fr. Eusebio Sts., this is the first ancestral house that can be reached from Bacolod-Silay Airport or Bacolod City. It houses the El Ideal bakery (1920s- present), which is famous for its delicious guapple (guava-apple) pie.

Lacson LocsinCesar Locsin y Lacson’s Ancestral House El Ideal - flickrEl Ideal Lamp

2nd stop: Victor Fernandez Gaston’s Ancestral House (a.k.a. “Balay Negrense”). From Fr. Eusebio Locsin St. walk along Rizal St., walk towards the north direction. Turn left upon reaching the corner of Rizal and Zulueta Sts. On your right is the Silay City Park. Follow the road, crossing Plaridel St., until you reach Cinco de Noviembre St. Balay Negrense stands at the cor Cinco de Noviembre and Zulueta Sts. It was built and designed by Don Victor Gaston, combining Spanish and American colonial architectures, around 1898. This two-storey 12-bedroom house stands on a foundation made from the trunk of Balayong tree. Open on Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. Entrance Fee: PhP40 (adult).

Balay NegrenseBalay Negrense Behind the sheer curtain doorBehind the sheer curtain door
Balay Negrense: Grand pianoGrand piano Piano keys2Old and dusty keys

3rd stop: Manuel S. Hofilena Ancestral House (1934 – present). This house is only one and a half a block away north of Balay Negrense. From Zulueta St., walk along Cinco de Noviembre St., passing Zamora St.. The Hofilenas’ is only a few houses away from Zamora St. and stands on the left side of Cinco de Noviembre St. if facing North. It is the 1st house to welcome tourists in Silay. It houses Ramon Hofilena’s huge art collection (including art works of Jose Rizal, Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fernando Amorsolo, Vicente Manasala, etc.), along with other historical memorabilia. This house speaks of how culture and the arts in Silay are being handed from generation to generation. Entrance Fee: PhP40 (adult). Strictly by appointment.

Hofilena Ancestral HouseHofilena’s Wood Santos (Saints Figures) Collection

4th stop:San Diego Pro-cathedral (formerly known as the San Diego Parish Church). From the Hofilenas’ walk back and retrace your steps back to Zamora St. Turn left on the corner and stroll along Zamora St., passing Plaridel St., until you reach the Silay City Park again. The cathedral is just across the north side of the park (left side of Zamora St.). The church was built in 1920s and designed by Verasconi, a famous Italian architect. It is the only church in the province featuring a cupola or dome which is similar to the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. According to Wikipedia, it is the only pro-cathedral (a parish church that is temporarily serving as the cathedral) outside of Manila.

San Diego Pro CathedralSan Diego Pro Cathedral San Diego Pro CathedralSan Diego Pro Cathedral

Last stop: Bernardino-Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House. From the cathedral turn left at the corner of Zamora and Rizal Sts. Continue along Rizal St. until you reach the Silay public market (right side). The Jalandonis’ is just beside the market. Inspired by the architecture of the traditional nipa hut, this house was built by Don Bernardino and Ysabel Jalandoni in 1908 using strong hardwood from Mindoro. Entrance Fee: PhP40 (adult)

Jalandoni Ancestral HouseJalandoni Museum Jalandoni Ancestral HouseMaiden’s Room Jalandoni Ancestral HouseWater Dispenser

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